For ease of web access the book is divided into six parts as follows:-

Part 1 Foreword
Part 4 Permitting
  1. Permitting Overview and Practice
  2. Environment Agency Guidance
  3. Examples of UK Water Discharge Permits
  4. Examples of IPPC Permits
Regulation for Water Quality
  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
Part 2 Background - EU Requirements
  1. Overview of EU Regulatory Principles & Law
  2. A Summary of the European Regulatory Cycle
  3. Environmental Regulatory Implementation and Enforcement at the European Union Level
  4. Public Information
  5. Definitions of Pollution
Part 5 Modelling
  1. European Scale Modelling
  2. UK National Scale Modelling (Environment Agency)
  3. Modelling and Pollution Load Incorporation in Permits
Part 3 UK Approach to Regulation
  1. UK Regulatory Principles
  2. Regulatory Approaches and Options - The Toolbox
  3. Directive Guidance
  4. River Basin Planning and Development of the EU Water Framework Directive Programmes of Measures
  5. National Mechanisms for Achieving Water Quality Outcomes - Integrated Water Management
  6. Overview of Environmental Directive Transposition and Implementation in Europe and the UK
  7. Achieving Water Framework Directive and IPPC Directive Compliance
Part 6 Further Pollution Control Issues
  1. Regulation of Diffuse Pollution
  2. Procedures for Managing Acute/Accidental Pollution Incidents
  3. Trans-Boundary Issues and Conflict Resolution
  4. Enforcement and Prosecution
  5. Future Trends in Water and Environmental Regulation
  1. Authors and Acknowledgements
  2. Glossary of Terms