The Water Research Foundation

The Water Research Foundation is the USA's leader in drinking water research. Their mission is to advance the science of water by sponsoring research, developing knowledge, and promoting collaboration. Their highly respected research program focuses on four main goal areas: Infrastructure, Management and Customer Relations, Water Quality, and Water Resources and Environmental Sustainability. The Foundation is comprised and funded by subscribers. Close to 900 water utilities and over 50 water related consulting firms and manufacturing companies from all over the world are Foundation subscribers.

Since 1966, the Water Research Foundation has sponsored more than $460 million worth of research to understand, manage, and solve water utilities' most pressing issues. With more than 900 completed research projects, the Foundation is the largest and most well established organization in the world dedicated to drinking water research.

Details of the overall research strategy, the objectives for defined study areas and proposals for future research and the research planning timetable are available on the website.

Publication of research outputs

Detailed abstracts of published research projects are available on the website. Outputs are usually available as downloadable files although some are published only as hard copy. For non-subscribers there is a charge for downloading files and for hard copies.