The Water Services Association of Australia

Water Services Association of Australia; WSAA is the peak body of the Australian urban water industry and serves its Members by:

WSAA’s 34 members and 25 associate members provide water and wastewater services to approximately 16 million Australians. It was formed in 1995 and provides a national focus for the provision of information on the urban water industry for all interested parties. The Association aims to encourage industry cooperation to improve the water industry's productivity and performance and to ensure the regulatory environment adequately serves the community interest.

Publication of Research Outputs

The Catalogue and summaries of all WSAA research reports may be viewed on this website. Full copies of WSAA Research Reports may be purchased via the WSAA website. However, WSAA stopped being a purely research organisation around 2001. Since then various reports, based on outputs from research projects but not called research reports, have been published and can be found under the Publications section listed as Position and Occasional Papers. A fee is payable for any downloads of the above, although Position Papers, which deal with national policy on key water issues, may be downloaded for free from the WSAA website.