Report No FR/TEC.MTF

European Water Group highlights research priorities


May 1997


The independent European water organisation TECHWARE (TEchnology for WAter REsources) has submitted a report* to the EC Task Force 'Environment Water' setting out its views on the future priorities for community funded water research under the EC Framework Research and Technological Development Programmes. The report was produced by a TECHWARE Specialist Group, comprising water experts from 10 EU States acting as a pan-European 'professional mirror task force' under the chairmanship for Eur. Ing. Mervyn Bramley, Head of Research, Environment Agency for England and Wales. The secretariat for the TECHWARE group is based at the Foundation for Water Research in the UK. After reviewing the whole spectrum of European water management issues and related research needs, the report identifies 17 priority topic areas for inclusion in future Framework Programmes. The EC Task Force is expected to issue its report in July 1997 following a consultation meeting in June with representatives of various European 'Mirror' Task Forces including the TECHWARE Specialist Group. The Group will also present it's findings to a TECHWARE Euro-Workshop to be held in Rome on 30 May 1997.

* European Research Priorities in 'Environment Water' under the 4th and 5th RTD Framework Programmes. A Report produced by a TECHWARE specialist Group 'Professional Mirror Task Force Environment Water.

Copies of the report are available from FWR, price 10.00, less 20% to FWR Members.