Validation of New Air Biomonitoring Techniques for Environmental Monitoring, Assessment and Regulation
December 2008

Background to research

Sutton et al. (2004) have provided a comprehensive review of existing bioindicator methods for the assessment of atmospheric nitrogen enrichment on nitrogen deposition and plant ecological response in a project funded by Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC). These methods could provide an early indication of exposure and ecological response to nitrogen enrichment and its potential impact on designated sites for nature conservation. These methods were tested in a subsequent JNCC funded study by Leith et al. (2005).

SEPA initiated an Environment Improvement Action Plan in 2005 which aimed to develop SEPA’s capability to utilise the outputs from these two JNCC studies. The project described in this report, SNIFFER UKPIR14, was developed in partnership by SEPA and CEH to ensure that a correct scientific approach was maintained by SEPA’s own staff during monitoring, assessment and reporting.

Objectives of research
Key findings and recommendations
Keywords: biomonitoring, Ellenberg, nitrogen deposition, ammonia, habitat.

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