March 2002


This is the final report of the research project into offstream water provision for livestock. It encompasses overviews and updates on Phases I and II of the project and gives a comprehensive account of the third and final stage of research.

Phase III took the form of field trials and information dissemination. Three pumps were identified in Phase I as having the potential to be appropriate for use in Scotland and Northern Ireland. These pumps underwent laboratory testing in Phase II before progressing to field trials. The Pasture pump, Hydraulic Ram pump and Siphon pump were the three systems tested at Knock Farm, Huntly. Long-term observational monitoring took place and final assessments made with reference to a range of factors such as ease of installation, performance, volume of water delivered and costs incurred. Additional information from other agricultural pump users was gathered and contributed to field test results. Information relating to the project and its findings were disseminated to increase awareness and introduce best-practice concepts for watercourse protection and management. In accordance with this, details are included in this report of demonstration events and other promotional activities which took place over the course of Phase III. This document also provides recommendations for further research and conclusions on the project results.

It was found that each of the three pumps could fulfil water provision requirements for livestock in certain farming system scenarios. The pumps are not comprehensively appropriate and each is more suited to a particular farming structure. The field testing proved to be a very valuable exercise and allows project findings to be easily converted into practical advice. The project as a whole will enable new information, advice and recommendations to be passed on to local farmers on realistic and practical options available for providing water for livestock.


Delivery Head, Demonstration Event, Feed Pipes, Field Trials, Filtration Gauze, Flow Rate, Gravity-fed System, Holding Reservoir, Hydraulic Ram Pump, Installation, Intake Point, Livestock, Outflow, Pasture Pump, Reticulation, Siphon Pump, Supply Head, Volume, Watercourse

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