Report No SR2756



May 1991


This report reviews the available data on nutrient and phytoplankton levels in Scottish and Northern Irish inshore waters, together with a brief summary of the major factors involved in coastal eutrophication and their effects. Both published data and u npublished information from environmental monitoring organisations and scientific institutions are cited. Because of the close relationship between estuarine and coastal waters, factors involved in estuarine eutrophication and their effects on biota are also covered.

The following conclusions are reached:

  1. Coastal eutrophication processes are far less well understood than freshwater processes.
  2. Marine nutrient data are less frequently collected than freshwater nutrient data. Marine phytoplankton levels are even less frequently recorded.
  3. Nutrient/phytoplankton data are needed from more sites around the Scottish and Northern Irish coasts if routine monitoring is to be used to determine whether the trophic status of these waters is changing.
  4. More exchange of information is required between different monitoring organisations.

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