Report No SR 97 (01) F

A Scientific Review Of The Loch Dee Water Quality And Quantity Data Sets.

SR 97 (01) F

August 1997



The Loch Dee Project was established in 1979 to assess the relative role of acid deposition and coniferous afforestation on surface water ecology. To undertake such a study, three sub-catchments under differing land-uses and the loch outflow have been sampled and monitored on a regular basis. This report reviews and considers the data collected, the changes in hydrochemistry and suggests options for the future of the Project.

The analysis of the seventeen years weekly spot sample data and selected continuous water quality data from the three sub-catchments and loch outflow at Loch Dee have illustrated the relative role of atmospheric deposition and land management practices on water quality.

The major findings and results of the review are:

It is suggested that for the future:

KEY WORDS: Upland water quality trends (annual. seasonal, episodes). acid deposition. afforestation. Acidification.

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