Development of Low Flow Estimation Facilities for Scotland and Northern Ireland

SR 97(13)F

April 1998


Executive Summary

This Report represents an overall summary of work undertaken as part of the project 'Development of low flow estimation facilities for Scotland and Northern Ireland". The overall objective of the project has been to extend the geographical coverage of Micro LOW FLOWS to incorporate Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Development of the software has required the establishment of the digital river network in Scotland, undertaken through a separate IH project, the incorporation of the river network into the software and the development of associated databases. Significant quality control procedures have been applied to the river network to identify anomalies and ensure a simple branching structure could be imposed on the network.

Micro LOW FLOWS in Scotland and Northern Ireland has been developed in two stages. The first implementation of the software was undertaken for the West and East SEPA Regions and was installed in the Regions in June 1997. The remaining implementation within the North SEPA Region

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