July 2006

In order to facilitate effective PPC permitting for intensive pig installations, sector specific application procedures and guidance have been prepared by the Environment & Heritage Service (EHS), the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and SNIFFER.  This study has been carried out at the end of the development phase of the Application form and Standard Farming Installation Rules (SFIR) in Scotland and Northern Ireland.  The SFIR specify best available techniques (BAT) for operational and management practices on farms which PPC applicants have to comply with.  SNIFFER commissioned this research project to assess the implications of the application of the PPC regime to intensive pig farms in Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as the effectiveness of the application process.

Through this study, each of the regulatory authorities (SEPA in Scotland and EHS in Northern Ireland) will gain a better understanding of the PPC application process applied to the pig industry.  Pig farmers will also gain a better understanding of the implications of the PPC regime.  Both parties will be aware of where difficulties lie and where further guidance is required to assist and refine the application process.  Clearly, a well-designed application process together with clear guidance (including worked examples) will help facilitate a cost effective application process, providing all the information required in a consistent manner without leading to any reduction in environmental benefits.

As part of this project a summary of information sources has been prepared that an operator may draw upon to enable them to complete their permit application form.  This draws on relevant sources of information produced by EHS and other bodies in Northern Ireland, SEPA and SNIFFER.  The list of documents relates to those that were publicly available at the time this study was carried out and identifies web sites (where available) to obtain the current version of the document. As the application window for this sector approaches further useful documentation may be issued.

Two intensive pig installations (one in Scotland and one in Northern Ireland) were chosen as example sites to apply for a PPC permit.  An outline guide was prepared to assist the applicants prepare the supplementary document required to elaborate answers required on their application form.  The draft permit applications were then reviewed and the farmers assisted with completing the application.  The completed applications provide example answers that could be applied elsewhere.

Through assisting the host farms complete their application areas where operators may have difficulty in completing their applications have been identified.  Assistance was provided in the following areas:
From the limited number of farmers who assisted with this study the general areas of concern with the application process or where the farmers think that it will be difficult to apply the SFIRs identified the following points:
Key words: Permit, application, intensive, regulation, PPC, BAT, SFIR.

The two outputs from this project are each available separately in electronic format at 20.00 + VAT.  Hard copy available at the following prices:
Main Report (Review of Application Process) 25.00
Example Permit Application: Scottish Farm 35.00

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N.B. These reports are available for download from the SNIFFER Website