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Compilations of research reports and publications that address UK studies and applications. The information is provided by members of the Eutrophication Forum.

FWR Reports. List last revised June 2008
Over 40 reports from the Foundation for Water Research. Full summaries and ordering details from FWR Publications.
DARD Publications 
A complete record of publications in freshwater eutrophication by members of the Department of Agriculture and rural Development, Northern Ireland. These are mainly refereed papers available from the cited publication journal.
UKWIR Reports available on
Six reports concerning algal toxins, sponsored by the UK Water Industry Research Ltd. These are listed with brief summaries in the 'Drinking Water Quality & Health' section of publications under the category 'algal toxins'.
AERC Research Publications
The Aquatic Environments Research Centre is part of the Department of Geography at the University of Reading. Staff at the centre conduct interdisciplinary research on the structure, function, problems and management of a range of different aquatic environments. Particular areas of expertise rest in the nutrient hydrochemistry of lakes, rivers and riparian wetlands, simulation of algal population dynamics in eutrophic lakes, and evaluation of the impact of land use and management on water quality at the catchment scale.
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