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Summary of the latest meeting of the Eutrophication Forum

The latest meeting took place on Wednesday, 4th March 2009 in Nobel House, London.

There were three related presentations.

The first was: -
'The coastal buoy network in the North of Ireland with emphasis on semi-impounded waterways' by Dr Adam Mellor, Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystems, AFBI.

This described the network along with the monitored parameters. Examples of the diagnostic benefits were provided by the Quoile Pondage which is an impounded "Transitional" water body. The mechanisms for the observed complete water column hypoxia/anoxia were discussed with those present.

The second presentation was: -
'Operational monitoring of eutrophication including the SmartBuoy network and other autonomous data sources' by Dr David Mills, CEFAS.

This described the SmartBuoy network and provided results together with a view on how other autonomous data sources (e.g. satellites and ferrybox) can be integrated to improve assessments of eutrophication. The EMECO (European Marine Ecosystem Observatory) was also described. EMECO is an informal European network for integration of monitoring, modelling & research. See

The third presentation was: -
'Remote sensing of cyanobacteria in freshwaters' by Dr Andrew Tyler, University of Stirling.

The need for remote sensing of cyanobacteria was outlined. In particular cyanobacteria are a hazardous global phenomenon with risks arising from both acute exposure and chronic exposure. Blooms are spatially and temporally dynamic. However current field recognition employs crude visual assessment, microscope cell counts, diagnostic pigment analysis and in-situ diagnostic tests for toxins. However these can underestimate the risks. Studies in the Norfolk Broads, Loch Leven & Esthwaite Water were used to show how remote sensing can provide a quantitative proactive monitoring capability.

Date of next meeting
The date of the next meetings has yet to be agreed.

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