Broad Scale Ecosystem Assessment (BSEA) Scotland
BSEA Toolbox 1

June 2006

Background to research

Key drivers for sustainable flood management in Scotland are:

Broad Scale Ecosystem Assessment (BSEA) was developed to provide a method for
undertaking broad-scale ecosystem assessment at both the fluvial catchment scale and costal cell scale for input into flood and coastal management planning. This project (Project FRM02) builds on the existing research completed for the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Environment Agency in England and Wales, which is known as Broad Scale Ecosystem Assessment (BSEA): Toolbox 1.

Objectives of research

Project FRM02 was commissioned by SNIFFER to provide guidance on how to integrate and assess ecosystems at the broad-scale (fluvial catchment and coastal cell) in Scotland. The original England & Wales BSEA guidance has been refined to take into account the different legislative, statutory responsibilities and data availability in Scotland.

The FRM02 project had the following objectives:
Key findings and recommendations

BSEA is a new approach for identifying and assessing ecosystem opportunities, constraints, risk and consequences for both fluvial catchment and coastal cell management, which can usefully input into the adoption of sustainable flood management policies. Key aspects of BSEA include:
Further work is required to strengthen broad-scale ecosystem assessment, including data acquisition and interpretation methods, combined with development of better ecosystem impact models (that can integrate hydrology, geomorphology and ecosystem functioning). Specific recommendations include:
Key words: Ecosystem, Flood Risk, Broad-scale, Fluvial, Coastal/ Estuarine, Assessment, SEA

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