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Plastic Pollution in Rivers and Oceans
FR/R0030 November 2018

The presence of waste plastic in the surface water environment has developed into a serious problem. It is not only unpleasant, but is a threat to sea birds, aquatic mammals, fish and ultimately to human health. The topic has captured the media and public interest. Among this avalanche of media concern, this ROCK seeks to explore the present problem in the surface waters of the planet and to review information on our behaviour and potential solutions.

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Copper fittings
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Causes of Copper Corrosion in Plumbing Systems, FR/R0007, September 2017

The aim of this review is to assist practitioners to diagnose the many different types of corrosion failures, which can occur in copper plumbing systems and help to avoid them occurring. It is not meant to be a substitute for expert opinion in serious cases. It outlines failures which can occur in both hot and cold domestic water systems (not closed central hearing systems) and describes many different types of copper corrosion, covering manifestation, cause and how they can be avoided.

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Boats & Caravans
Water Storage, Use and Wastewater Disposal for Leisure Boats and Caravans, FR/G0010, July 2016

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of safe storage and use of drinking water, and disposal of wastewater, for owners of leisure boats and caravans. With reference to latest guidelines and regulations, this guide aims to bring all of the relevant information together in one easily accessible document. Following guidance in this report will help to ensure that leisure boat and caravan users meet their obligations to preserve clean water for everyone.

The Guide contains 31 pages with references and sources of further information.