Report No FR0145



Feb 1991



This document has been produced to assist companies in attaining preparation and development of a documented Quality System for the on-site epoxy resin relining of water mains in accordance with the WAA/WRc Operational Guidelines Manual/Code of Practice.

The scope of work covered by this Quality Schedule is confined to the application of the epoxy resin lining and does not include peripheral activities such as notifying customers of supply interruptions or erecting warning signs in the site area. These (and other) topics are covered in the Operational Guidelines Manual and Code of Practice document.


Quality Assurance principles are well established in manufacturing, but their application outside these controlled environments has only recently begun to be developed. The Quality Assurance of site operations has long been restricted owing to the lack of implementation of suitable Quality Management Systems. Quality is critical in epoxy resin relining applications to ensure that finished linings do not impair the quality of conveyed water, and also since the durability of linings can be seriously compromised if inadequate standards are observed.


The development of a practical quality approach to the epoxy resin relining of water mains will significantly accelerate the rate of assessment of relevant firms by WICS, BSI and other certification bodies. This will, in turn, give rise to an enhanced availability of quality assured organisations able to undertake epoxy resin relining of water mains. The preferential use of such organisations should substantially raise the standards of mains relining workmanship and minimise both the incidence and costs of fault rectification.


It is recommended that, where appropriate, the Water Industry encourages epoxy resin relining contractors to follow the guidance contained in this schedule. It is also recommended that this document be read in conjunction with the Water Authorities Asso ciation Operational Guidelines and Code of Practice for in situ epoxy resin lining.


This Quality Schedule outlines the subjects to be included when preparing a Quality Manual and associated quality documentation for epoxy resin mains relining. It is also intended to assist epoxy resin relining contractors in developing quality systems and associated documentation. In setting up a quality system for a particular company, it is necessary to use a systematic approach to planning, scheduling and controlling to ensure that all eventualities are catered for. The use of this approach should be incorporated into documentation and procedures. Part 1 of this Quality Schedule gives guidance for the contents of a typical Quality Manual for epoxy resin relining of water mains, and Part 2 for a selection of works procedures.

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