Report No DWI0191

Wastewater Treatment - First Biennial Report


Feb 1979


2.01 The Standing Technical Committee on Wastewater Treatment was formed in April 1976 as one of the eight standing Technical Committees set up jointly by the Department of the Environment and the National Water Council to advise on matters relating to particular areas of the water industry. This report summarises the work of the Committee during its initial two years and also provides broad statistical data on the numbers, distribution, types and financial value of sewage treatment works in the UK.

2.02 The Committee is the first official body appointed to cover the whole field of wastewater treatment including sludge treatment. Membership is drawn from water authorities, consultants, manufacturing industry, central government, the National Water Council and the Water Research Centre which also provides the technical secretariat.

2.03 Most of the work of the Committee in the initial two years of its life has been devoted to examination of research being undertaken in wastewater treatment and to the identification of new research needs. Specialist studies on problems related to wastewater treatment have been undertaken and consideration has been given to new technological developments.

2.04 The Committee has decided not to make any formal recommendations at this stage but an indication is given of future work which it expects to undertake.

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