Code of Practice for the use of sludge, compost and other organic materials for land reclamation

Project ER11

This Technical Document is intended as a supporting publication to the SNIFFER report ’Code of Practice for the use of recycled organic materials in land reclamation’. At each comparable stage it provides additional detail to augment the information within the Code of Practice itself. Unlike the Code of Practice this Technical Document is fully referenced.

The goal of the Code of Practice is to provide useful, reliable, and consistent guidance for use by practitioners. The Technical Document provides the supporting evidence underpinning the Code, and gives background information to explain why a particular action, or actions have been recommended, as well as some discussion of the underlying issues related to the production, use and regulation of recycled organic materials. The Technical Document should be seen as a reference source, in comparison to the Code, which should be seen as a field manual.

The remainder of this document is divided into the same chapters and paragraph numbers as the Code of Practice. Where additional information is available, it can be found at the same paragraph number for easy cross-referencing. If there is no additional information to that contained in the paragraph of the Code this is also marked.

This document and the Code of Practice were produced by wca environment limited and Land Research Associates Limited on behalf of SNIFFER as part of project ER11. The project was supported by the Environment Agency, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Water and the Waste and Resources Action Programme.

All details within the Code and Technical Document were correct at the time of publication. However, waste management practice and legislation is currently undergoing a period of development and change, therefore some details included here may alter over time. While SNIFFER will make every attempt to keep the information within this Technical Document up to date, it cannot be held responsible for any actions undertaken as a result of following the guidance in this document or the Code of Practice. If users believe that regulations or information have been updated since publication of the document, we recommend that they contact the relevant regulatory authority.

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N.B. The report is available for download from the SNIFFER Website