The Measurement of Free Surface Flows

January 2014

Hydrometry embraces the measurement of all the elements in the hydrological cycle including surface water flows, groundwater movement and associated phenomenon such as sediment movement and morphology. This ROCK concentrates on a major element within hydrometry, namely the measurement of free surface flows. It does not cover flows in closed conduits and pipes although some of the methods described can be used for these applications.

Much of the research into the methods of measuring free surface flows was carried out in the 1960s and 1970s and was stimulated in the United Kingdom by the Water Resources Act of 1963. However, there have been some significant advances in more recent times, particularly in the fields of remote sensing, data processing and data storage.

Research has led to the development of a series of International Standards and, where applicable to United Kingdom conditions, these have been published as dual numbered British Standards. The current listing of these International Standards is given in this ROCK as an Appendix.

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