Vanishing Waters

South Africa faces a water-shortage and a water-supply crisis that threatens our development into the twenty-first century. All our water systems - rivers, vleis and estuaries - even the smallest and least impressive -are becoming less and less natural. Their very nature as water providers is being altered and destroyed by ill-considered human intervention and sheer ignorance and neglect.

Vanishing Waters aims to provide an awareness of our reliance on water and instil a respect for the aquatic environments, their diversity and their life forms.

Written for the layperson, as well as students and researchers, Vanishing Waters is comprehensive in its detail, but accessible in its approach. It offers the most up-to-date information on water conservation and usage, beautiful illustrations and line drawings for easy identification, and projects for teaching and classroom use.

Bryan Davies and Jenny Day are both experts in their fields of study and have long been involved in water management and environmental conservation. They bring a special quality of passion and insight to the subject that makes the book a pleasurable reading experience.

"Vanishing Waters is an important work. It combines scholarly insights on the functioning of aquatic ecosystems with direct challenges to water management policies. Vanishing Waters readers will find a great deal of wisdom that will be central to the way in which we manage our scarce water resources in the future."

Professor Kader Asmal,
Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry