A User's Guide to Research on Application of Organic Wastes to Land

SR 4624/3

May 1999


The principal objective of this report is to draw together the findings of research on wastes and waste recycling to land in an accessible format for the user-community as a User's Guide.

The wastes considered are agricultural wastes, industrial wastes exempted for landspreading and sewage sludge.

The Guide is intended to address the following issues:

It was intended that, as far as possible, each of the above sections would present information on the topic heading which was applicable to all three categories of waste (farm wastes, industrial wastes and sewage sludge) since the principles of beneficial recycling and environmental protection apply to all of them Properties and issues associated with particular wastes are considered where appropriate within each section

The main findings were as follows:

Copies of the report are available from FWR, price 35.00 less 20% to FWR Members.