Clinical and Sanpro Waste Priority Waste Stream Project
UKW01 Phase 1
June 2006
Overview of Project Objectives

SNIFFER Project Requirements

The objectives of this project were outlined in the research specification provided by the Scottish and Northern Ireland Forum for Environmental Research (SNIFFER). The research specification was produced in association with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and the Environment and Heritage Service (EHS) in Northern Ireland with assistance from NHSScotland.

The project was divided into two key phases:

Phase I Data collection and baseline review for priority waste stream project for clinical and sanpro wastes in Scotland and Northern Ireland for the
year 2003.

Phase II The development of best practice guidance for the management of sanpro waste, primarily focusing on the waste produced from the healthcare sector.

This report documents the findings of Phase I of the project only.

Aim of Project

The aims of both Phase I and Phase II of the project are shown below:

Phase I (Priority Waste Stream Project)
Phase II (Best Practice Guidance for the Management of Sanpro Waste)

Development of strategic framework and best practice guidance with the aim of:
Scope of Project

The project scope includes clinical and sanpro waste only. The definitions and waste management classifications used for these wastes can be found in section 2. The classifications and definitions used relate to the survey year of 2003 and may differ from subsequent classifications and definitions. Recent changes in the interpretation of healthcare waste definitions have resulted in the vast majority of clinical waste being classified as special (hazardous) waste. Therefore references to special waste in this report differ to the classification of special (hazardous) healthcare waste post 2005. Further guidance on recent changes in classification can be found in section 2.8.

The SNIFFER research specification included the types of producers and establishments who should be included within the survey, the type of data required
and potential sources of data. Table 1 outlines the types of establishments to be included within the survey.

Table 1 Waste producers identified in SNIFFER research specification
Waste producers (by establishment type) to be included within the survey.
  • NHS and private hospitals;
  • NHS and private care homes;
  • NHS health centres and clinics;
  • Private (non-NHS) medicinal centres and clinics;
  • General Practitioners (GP’s) and consulting surgeries;
  • Community pharmacies
  • General Dental Practices (GDP’s) (NHS and non-NHS);
  • Veterinary Surgeries;
  • Offices and shopping centres;
  • Other NHS services, including ambulance services, blood transfusion service and laboratory services
Waste producers (by establishment type) to be included within the survey if possible.
  • Scottish Universities;
  • Scottish research centres (health related);
  • Agricultural sector clinical waste producers;
  • Funeral directors;
  • Acupuncturists
  • Chiropodists;
  • Piercing parlours;
  • Motorway service areas;
  • Restaurants;
  • Nurseries

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