Terms of Reference for the Foundation for Water Research Wastewater Innovation Forum


The Wastewater Forum was established by the Foundation for Water Research in 1995. The remit of the Forum concerns the integrated management of wastewater systems and water quality including:

Integrated management of wastewater is hugely important in the Water Cycle. It is essential in maintaining and improving the health of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems; maintaining and improving drinking water quality; ensuring the security of food production; and maximising flood control.

The overall aim of the forum is to improve and share scientific knowledge relating to wastewater; concentrating on emerging issues and knowledge gaps; working with all stakeholders including industry, academia, regulators, and individual and community users of water; facilitating ways to find practicable solutions to future wastewater challenges.

Aims and Objectives

The objects of the Forum are:

The Forum normally meets three times a year and seeks to achieve the objects through the following: