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Meeting 30th June 2011

Please note that for older reports some links will be to sites that are no longer active.

This was the Forum’s 44th meeting. It was held in the Boardroom of the Chartered Institution of Water & Environmental Management (CIWEM) in London. Owing to transport difficulties only three participants were in attendance and the morning meeting was not pursued. Members of CIWEM’s Wastewater Management Panel joined the Forum for the technical presentations and discussion after lunch.

Technical Presentations

Feedback from the BlueTech Forum 15t June 2011 San Francisco
Tim Evans

This was an intensive day when innovators in water technologies presented to venture capitalists. It followed the WEF Residuals and Biosolids Conference 22-25 May. Tim will present some of the very interesting innovations.

Planning for the Activated Sludge Centenary Event

Ardeme and Lockett gave their paper about work they had been doing on what became the activated sludge process to a meeting of the SCI at the Grand Hotel in Manchester on 3rd April 1914. CIWEM plans to hold a 2/3 day event with a visit to Davyhulme. Hopefully the SCI and the Grocers’ Company (original funders) will be associated with the event. The plan is to celebrate the history and development and address the current (including BNR and high rate) and future (including membranes and maybe anaerobic). We have been thinking that invited/selected speakers would be more appropriate than a call for papers. Between the Forum and the Panel we should be able to come up with a good programme.

The next meeting of the Forum will be 3rd November 2011.