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Meeting 19th June 2015
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This was the Forum’s 56th meeting was held at CIWEM’s HQ, 106-109 Saffron Hill, London. It was the first to be chaired by Barrie Howe, Environment Agency where his interests include new substances and existing regulations; the Consenting Team; the Environmental Management Team (including waste sites); water quality; flexible permitting; carbon emissions; phosphate; Environmental Permitting Regulations [permits] appeals.

Members of the Forum shared the concerns of CIWEM’s technical water and wastewater panels that there is a skills gap in the UK water sector, which the sector’s managers seem to be in denial about, for example the interview with Lynn Cooper CEO of the Institute of Water published in Water & Wastewater Treatment. The situation was exemplified by news that universities are closing their water MSc courses because WaSCs are not recruiting.

Reports from topic leads

New Drivers and Legislation – Barrie Howe, EA

Surface Water Drainage – Nick Orman, WRc

Technical Presentations 13:00

The Many Faces of the Chemcatcher Passive Sampler
Dr. Adil Bakir, School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Portsmouth

In recent years, there has been significant interest in the use of passive sampling devices either alongside or as a replacement to spot water sampling procedures. A number of devices are available for different types of pollutant and for varying field applications. The presentation will cover the background to passive sampling procedures and then discuss how the ChemcatcherŽ device is now a highly versatile tool for screening as well as the semi-quantitative and quantitative assessment of different classes of chemicals in various aquatic environments. This device and other commercially available designs, offer potential for improving the quality of data in regulatory monitoring programmes. Chemcatcher Photographs

Nutrient Platforms
Tim Evans FWR & Tim Evans environment

On 29th April there was a meeting at the Royal Society of Chemistry titled “Growing The UK Nutrient Platform”. The linear model for fertilisers has been questioned for some years. It started with phosphate, Sweden was the first country to set recycling targets, Germany and Netherlands followed. The European Commission has started to act. The earth system boundary for fixed reactive nitrogen has been exceeded by nearly 4 times – recovery instead of removal (biological oxidation+reduction) is starting to be applied. We can see the direction of travel, will the UK be a leader or a follower, a technology seller or a buyer?

Date of next meeting of the Forum 3rd November 2015