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Latest meeting 21st June 2016

This was the Forum’s 59th meeting and was held at CIWEM’s HQ.

Technical Presentations

Nereda® – An innovative technology for cost-effective, energy efficient and sustainable wastewater treatment
Dr Andrew Thompson, Technical Manager – HaskoningDHV UK

Nereda® is rapidly becoming the new standard to replace traditional activated sludge processes, with an installed base to exceed 5 million population equivalent by the end of 2017. Utilizing granular technology, Nereda® has demonstrated significant improvements with regard to process stability, effluent quality (Ammonia<1mg/l, TN<5mg/l, TP<0.3mg/l), and energy savings of 30-50% compared to traditional processes. The first UK Nereda plant will come in to service in autumn 2016, with many more UK plants in detailed design or construction. This compliments over 20 plants already in operation around the world. Andrew’s presentation will give an overview of the technology and detail the current performance both in the UK and further afield.

Shepherd Managing the Floc – Novel use of pressure measurements for real-time monitoring of Activated Sludge
Derek Price, Founder, Bactest Ltd

Shepherd is an Activated Sludge Monitoring and Management System that floats in an activated sludge lane and automatically samples every 60 minutes calculating an accurate BOD5 proxy every hour. Derek’s presentation introduces the technology; the measuring of floc respiration as a means to understand how an activated sludge plant is performing; optimising aeration for reduced energy usage; and early detection for toxic events and equipment failures.

Date of next meeting of the Forum Tuesday, 8th November, 2016