Wastewater Forum Presentations

This page provides links to the presentations made to the Forum at each of its meetings.

14th October 2020 Presentation No.1 on AMP7 and the innovation landscape
Lila Thompson – British Water
Presentation No.2 on the Use of BIM in the Water Industry
James Leverton - AECOM
Presentation No.3 on Data as a Service on the Water Industry
Amir Cahn – SWAN Forum

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24th June 2020 Serious Gaming - Millbrook
Mehdi Khoury of the University of Exeter
Covid4Sewers and wastewater-based epidemiology in the sewer environment
Dragan Savic, KWR Netherlands
Digital Communication in a time of crisis – A case study of using Whatsapp to collaborate and communicate.
Karyn Georges, Isle Utilities

18th March 2020 EBNet-and biomethanisation of CO2 in wastewater biosolidsdigestion
Professor Sonia Heaven – University of Southampton
National Sludge Strategy.
Barry Sheppard of the Environment Agency

Watch the presentations here

16th October 2019 SMART Plant: Developing low carbon technologies to recover resources from wastewater.
Pete Vale, Technical Lead Innovation – Severn Trent Water
Anaerobic Digestion Certification Scheme.
Viktoryia Nestserava – The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA)

27th March 2019 C-ION advanced oxidation process
Ben Hazard – Process Engineer, Trant Engineering
Lewis O’Brien – Technical Director, Eliquo Hydrok
Ulrich Knoerle – Senior Technologist, Eliquo Stulz

3rd October 2018 Managing Water Resources to Best Protect Water Quality
Dr Michael Hutchins – Water Quality Modeller, CEH
Overview of Drainage Wastewater Management Plans (DWMP)
Tom Boichot – Practice Manager, Atkins

20th June 2018 Dealing with unflushables in the sewer system
Andy Drinkwater – Engineer (Sewerage and Flooding), WRc
Chemical Investigations Programme 3
Gill Bellamy - Advisor Water Quality, EA / Barrie Howe - Senior Advisor Water Quality, EA

28th March 2018
Pharmaceuticals in the Environment and Anti-microbial Resistance
Jason Snape, AstraZeneca

14th June 2017 Sources, pathways and receptors of microplastic pollution in the UK
Tom Stanton, Research Student – University of Nottingham
Hot Microbubble Injection in Thin Layers for Ammonia – Water Separations
Pratik Desai, Research Associate - University of Sheffield / Research & Innovations Manager – Perlemax Ltd

15th March 2017 The Abundance and Sources of Microplastics in Freshwater Environments
Dr Alice Horton, Research Associate – CEH
Dewaterability Estimation Test (DET) for Sewage Sludge Monitoring
Prof Apostolos Antonacopoulos and Dr Blake Prime – University of Salford

25th November 2016 Preparing for the impact of the Water Framework Directive”
Geoff Cooper-Smith, Technical Director – Facilitated Research Ltd
Disinfection of wastes containing pharmaceutical residues”
Dr Nigel Brown, Founder – Arvia Technology Ltd

21st June 2016 Nereda® – An innovative technology for cost-effective, energy efficient and sustainable wastewater treatment
Dr Andrew Thompson, Technical Manager – HaskoningDHV UK
Shepherd Managing the Floc – Novel use of pressure measurements for real-time monitoring of Activated Sludge
Derek Price, Founder, Bactest Ltd

8th March 2016 Flexible Permitting
Barrie Howe, Senior Advisor – Water Quality, Environment Agency
Statistical Modelling of Anaerobic Digestion for Process Optimization and Benchmarking
Professor Stephen Smith, Director Environmental Engineering MSc Programme, Imperial College

3rd November 2015 The effects of urban growth on downstream water resources
Dr Michael G. Hutchins, Catchment Water Quality Modelling, CEH Wallingford, and Prof Steven Loiselle, Senior Freshwater Research Manager, Earthwatch
FOG - forget size: it's the distribution that matters - time to reconsider separators
Martin Fairley, Research Director, ACO Technologies plc & PhD candidate Cranfield University

19th June 2015 The Many Faces of the Chemcatcher Passive Sampler
Dr. Adil Bakir, School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Portsmouth
Nutrient Platforms
Tim Evans FWR & Tim Evans environment

25th March 2015 Nutrient sources and fates in rural streams; can agri-environment schemes improve water quality?
Mike Bowes, CEH
Intelligent Wastewater Networks
Oliver Grieveson, Anglian Water

30th October 2014 Phosphate capture technologies
Dr Ana Soares, Yorkshire Water Lecturer in Biological Engineering, Cranfield Water Science Institute, Cranfield University
Wastewater wetlands' life expectancies could double
Dr. Robert Morris, Lecturer in Physics, Nottingham Trent University
Investigation into the performance and suitability of low range hydrogen sulphide monitors for background and boundary monitoring”
Dejan Vernon, Thames Water

9th July 2014 FlocFormer – the best floc for every dewatering task
Dr. Christian Schröder, aquen aqua-engineeringGmbH
Rapid determination of sewer serviceability using acoustics
Richard Long, Director of Technology, Acoustic Sensing Technology (UK) Ltd Mike Faram, Consultant - Technology & Innovation, Acoustic Sensing Technology (UK) Ltd
Remote sensing for the water industry
Stuart Clough APEM Ltd

6th March 2014 Polishing effluents and recovering value with algae
Dr Daniel Murray, Director, Industrial Phycology
Waste and Surface Water Measurement using a Microwave Meter
Phil Wood and Martin Croft, Dynamic Flow Technology and Vasiliki Koutsospyrou, Loughborough University
Philadelphia suite of Surface Water Innovations
Crowdsourcing priorities for urban water pollution measures
Tom Bradbury, Defra

30th October 2013 Research Programme at Sheffield
Prof. Simon Tait, Sheffield University
Ian Myers, Environment Agency, Technical Advisor Misconnections Campaign
Misconnections should be dealt with

18th July 2013 Water Industry Process Automation & Control
Oliver Grievson, Anglian Water
Water Industry Process Automation & Control Group.
Water, we use it but we don't use it up
Mark Tonkin, Design Technology + Innovation
Steps towards a connected, autonomous world of intelligent water Things.
Laurie Reynolds, Aquamatix
WaterWorX from AquamatiX is a connected platform for an Internet of (water) Things; it is built on ThingWorX

21st March 2013 Microbial Fuel Cell Research Group (NEWMFC)
Prof. Tom Curtis, Professor of Environmental Engineering, Newcastle University
Predicting Algal Growth Under Climate Change on the Upper Thames
Dr Mike Hutchins, CEH
The Future Direction of UKWIR
Dr Hans Jensen
EU End of Waste Criteria for Treated Biodegradable Materials
Tim Evans, TIM EVANS ENVIRONMENT and Stephen Smith, Imperial College

1st November 2012 Accounting for phosphate inputs to water – septic tanks and other sources
Dr Linda May, Deputy Director, Water Programme, CEH, Edinburgh
Reinventing the toilet
Prof Andrew Wheatley, Water Engineering, Loughborough University

2nd July 2012 Pipe lining to reduce plumbosolvency - an alternative to phosphate dosing or pipe replacement
Keith Walker, Morrison Utility Services
Pharmaceuticals in water
Richard Williams, CEH
Preparing for the 2nd cycle of the WFD - the twin challenge of phosphorus and iron
Pete Vale, Severn Trent Water, Senior Strategist - Wastewater R&D
The Principal Global Macroeconomic Risks to 2050 and their consequences for UK water industry Investment and Operations
Steve Palmer, MWH

1st March 2012 Impact of Wastewater Treatments on Removal of Noroviruses from Sewage
Rod Palfrey, WRc
Surface water management and urban green infrastructure in the UK: benefits and challenges
Prof. Richard Ashley, University of Sheffield, University of Bradford, UNESCO IHE Delft
Flood Resilience Group and Lulea Technical University, Sweden

3rd November 2011 Rainwater harvesting for stormwater management - Proof that it works
Richard Kellagher, HR Wallingford
Engineering Nature’s Way [for rainwater]
Alex Stephenson, Hydro International
EoW for compost and digestate Workshop at JRC Seville 25th October 2011
Tim Evans, TIM EVANS ENVIRONMENT [represented EWA]

30th June 2011 Feedback from the BlueTech Forum, 1st June 2011, San Francisco
Tim Evans.

10th March 2011 Acid-stimulated biological phosphorus removal (ASBPR)
Dr John McGrath, Queen's University Belfast, School of Biological Sciences, Medical Biology Centre.
Report of EC Workshop of the Technical Working Group for the development of End of Waste Criteria – Biodegradable Waste Subject To Biological Treatment Seville, 2nd March 2011
Dr Ioannis E. Alexiou – represented EWA.

24th November 2010 Carbon Sequestration in landscapes
Howard Wood, Landscape & Environmental Services Ltd
The impact of upland land management on flood generation
Neil Mcintyre, Imperial College, London
15th European Biosolids & Organic Residuals Conference
Nigel Horan, AquaEnviro and Leeds University.

15th July 2010 Retrofitting of Therm-Liner into sewers
Brian Hickland, International Sales Manager, Uhrig Kanaltechnik GmbH
Retrofitting green infrastructure for rainwater - what's stopping us?
Dr Tim Evans, Technical Secretary to the Forum
Review of ‘emerging’ organic contaminants in biosolids and assessment of international research priorities for the agricultural use of biosolids
Prof. Stephen Smith, Imperial College

16th March 2010 Integrating floodplain management through an ecosystems framework
Professor Joe Morris, Professor of Resource Economics and Management at Cranfield University
Surface Water Management Plan for Thatcham
Brian Cafferky, WSP Group
National SUDS Standards project and the National Pluvial Screening Project in Ireland
Richard Kellagher, HR Wallingford

25th November 2009 Increasing the efficiency of treating the water recovered at wastewater treatment works (WwTW) with ultraviolet (UV) light
Clare Warren of Optima Design Services Ltd and Bob Goodman of Xcel Systems
Maximising the Value of Biogas
James Newton of Mott MacDonald
Biological transformations that happen in sewers
Dr Catherine Biggs, EPSRC Advanced Research Fellow and Reader, Dept. Chem. & Process Eng. University of Sheffield and Dr Henriette Jensen

7th June 2007 FWR WaPUG workshop on modelling runoff
Jamie Margetts of Clear Environmental Consultants Ltd representing WaPUG

6th March 2007 Retrofitting SuDS
Dr Virginia Stovin, Pennine Water Group, University of Sheffield
The future for stormwater management
Professor Richard Ashley, Pennine Water Group, University of Sheffield