Performance Characteristics for the Determination of Selected Transition Metals in Waters by Ion - Chromatography
Report No DWI0176

May 1989


Performance characteristics have been determined for the analysis of selected soluble transition metals ( cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, nickel, and zinc ) together with cadmium and lead in natural waters by ion chromatography. The technique used was based upon separation of the metal species as anionic complexes using Pyridine 2,6- dicarboxylic acid followed by post-column derivatisation of time-resolved species with 4-(2-pyridylazo) resorcinol. Precision data ( i.e. within-batch, between-batch and total standard deviations) have been obtained for each element at concentration levels considered appropriate for natural waters. Limits of detection and the linear range of the method are reported for each element. Interference effects from selected anions such as chloride, fluoride, carbonate and cyanide have been quantified, whilst any interference from sulphate ions has been assessed.

This work was carried for the DoE under contract number PECD/7/7/266. Specific references to the use of a particular manufacturer's product do not necessarily imply a preference for that product. A draft report was issued in May 1988 which is now issued in a final form.

Copies of this report may be available as an Acrobat pdf download under the 'Find Completed Research' heading on the DWI website.