Contract for a Programme of Research - Testing of Draft ETA Methods for Ti, Ag, Ni, Cr, Cu and Co on Two Types of Instrument and on a Draft AAS Method for Barium
Report No DWI0697

Dec 1986


Electrothermal atomisation methods of analysis were successfully developed for chromium, cobalt, copper, nickel and silver in raw and potable waters.

Each element was determined using two instruments of different manufacture. (Perkin Elmer and Instrumentation Laboratory). Methods were also developed for thallium but this element was prone to some interference effects especially on the Instrumentation Laboratory instrument. (Recoveries on six real samples ranged from 80-104%). A flame based method was successfully developed for barium on an Instrumentation Laboratory Instrument.

An outline of the development work carried out is given in the attached report.

Copies of this report may be available as an Acrobat pdf download under the 'Find Completed Research' heading on the DWI website.