Report No DWI0797



Nov 1984


A comprehensive survey of water undertakings in the UK was initiated to establish the current situation regarding the potential contamination of groundwaters with volatile chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents. There is little relevant UK data in the published journals.

The principal compounds normally present in contaminated groundwaters have been established from survey responses and by reviewing the available literature emanating from overseas. This has been supplemented by direct contact with US and European water agencies.

The literature regarding possible control strategies and viable treatment methods has been criticially reviewed and the current state of knowledge is presented. Available evidence suggests that countercurrent packed column aeration offers many advantages over alternative treatment techniques and this topic is afforded extensive coverage under Section 3.2.

US, UK and European treatment experiences are reported and statements of current national research programmes are given.

Selected abstractions in the Midlands and Thames areas were sampled and analysed over a ten week period during May-August 1984.

Treatment system design and costings have been evaluated for selected groundwater systems.

Copies of this report may be available as an Acrobat pdf download under the 'Find Completed Research' heading on the DWI website.