Hydrometry: Principles and Practices - Second Edition
Edited R W Herschy
Feb 1999

Hydrometry is concerned with the measurements of the variables in the hydrological cycle. As the world enters the Third Millenium water will become a major issue and adequate hydrometric information will, therefore, be needed for the practice of efficient water management. The first edition of this book was widely acclaimed internationally and the second edition includes further chapters on precipitation-measuring radar, remote sensing, groundwater, water resources assessment, long river flow records, maximizing the utility of river flow data and tree ring analyses - important for extending hydrologica records. Chapters of the first edition have been brought up to date as necessary in accordance with new methodology and technology, including satellite telemetry, data processing, flow measurement, hydrometric instruments and uncertainties in measurements. The book provides a guide to field personnel and managers who have a decision-making role to fulfil.

Published by John Wiley and Sons

Feb 1998, 380pp, Hardbound

ISBN 0-97350-5