Water Research Commission, South Africa

Reports of the WRC South Africa are available by direct download from the WRC website. Full access to the reports requires using the registration link provided on the WRC page.

Agricultural Water Ecosystems Drinking Water Wastewater Management Sanitation Minewater R&D
Planning & Development Agro forestry Biodiversity Protection Water Treatment Domestic On site Sanitation Closure & Rehabilitation Information Technology
Catchment Management Commercial Irrigation Alien Species Water Supply Industrial Waterborne Sanitation Impact Prediction Methodology
Dams (Impoundment) Smallholder Irrigation Invertebrates Water Loss Agricultural Hygiene Tailings Facilities Research Capacity
Hydrogeology Rainwater harvesting Biomonitoring   Sludge Management   Mine water Treatment Water History
Water Governance Aquaculture Resource Economics   Sewers     Water and Energy
    Climate Change          

The FWR site carries an abbreviated list of WRC South Africa reports, with links to their summaries, pertinent to topics outside the confines of South Africa, spanning the period 2000 to 2008.