Environmental Management Guidelines for theAustralian Water Industry

Report No WSA01-96




The purpose of these guidelines is to provide descriptive, flexible guidance on how to implement an environmental management system that is able to be adapted to the varying functions and conditions that exist in Australian water utilities. For organisations wishing to eventually certify against ISO 14001, these guidelines will provide a comprehensive place to begin although further work will need to be done by individual organisations to ensure that their particular system is in line with Standards requirements.


The guidelines are developed under a series of headings:




Identify, document and prioritise aspects of the organisationís past or present activities, products and services that have or will have an impact on the environment.


Environmental Policy


Provide an overall direction, a strategic framework and operational directions for environmental management within the organisation and to engage with relevant external organisations to influence their impact on the business.




Identify and document environmental objectives, targets, responsibilities, roles, resources, reporting requirements and broad timelines necessary to achieve policy objectives for current operations.


Enabling Tools


Determine the best way for the organisation to implement programs that meet its environmental requirements.




Evaluate and document the organisation's environmental performance.


Documentation,Records and Reporting


-         Ensure that processes to document and record environmental management requirements and achievements are established and maintained.


-         Ensure that relevant people receive appropriate information on how the organisation is managing its environmental aspects.


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