WaterUse Efficiency of Domestic Appliances

ReportNo WSAA 7

December 1989




Thisresearch project was undertaken under the auspices of the Urban Water ResearchAssociation of Australia. The purpose of this project was to analyse the waterusage characteristics associated with domestic water using appliances, and alsoprovide an insight into the potential water savings that can be achieved bycareful consideration in the selection of such appliances.


Theprinciple objectives of this project were to investigate the water efficiencyof water using appliances, and to subsequently develop a strategy that willpromote the use of water efficient appliances.


Preliminarywork included the identification and collation of all available informationrelating to domestic water using appliances, and the examination of variousmeans of promoting a strategy to encourage the consumer to use more waterefficient products.


Toestablish appropriate strategies for increasing the efficiency of theseappliances it was necessary to directly liaise with themanufacturers/importers/distributors of domestic water-using appliances,Standards Association of Australia and others.


Showerheads were subsequently identified as being one of the largest single users ofwater in the home, and it was therefore decided to formalise a strategy topromote the use of more water efficient shower heads within the market place.


Adraft Australian Standard was produced and submitted to the StandardsAssociation of Australia. This lead to the formulation of an AustralianStandard for Water Efficient Shower Heads which was published on 14 July 1989.


AWater Conservation Rating and Labelling Scheme for domestic appliances has nowbeen developed and was launched throughout Victoria by the Minister for WaterResources on 20 June 1989.  Shower headswill be the first available domestic appliance to use this labelling scheme.Clothes washing machines and dishwashing machines have been selected as thenext domestic appliances to be permitted to carry a label.


Thispilot scheme, implemented by the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works, isto be made available for use Australia wide with a view to gaining acceptanceof the concept. The objective is to ultimately develop a nationally recognisedscheme which can be extended to include a large range of water usingappliances.



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