Phosphorusin Detergents

ItsContribution to Eutrophication in Australian Inland Waters

ReportNo WSAA 100

September 1995




Thisreport presents information from several studies carried out to inform thepolicy debate on the role of phosphorus in detergents in the Australiancontext.


PartA presents a summary of the issues and the different points of view on thecontribution of detergents to the phosphorus levels in sewage. It includes anoutline of studies to develop a method for measuring polyphosphates directly insewage.


PartB reports on a trial conducted by Melbourne Water in the town of Whittlesea,where householders were provided with non-phosphorus (NP) detergent and askedto use it for a certain period. Detailed studies of the changes in phosphorusloads into and out of the sewage treatment plant are reported.


PartC presents an annotated bibliography on the topic of phosphorus and detergents.


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