Documentationfor the EPA Computer Program / Model

forDeveloping Local Limits for Industrial Pretreatment Programs

atMunicipal Sewage Treatment Works (Version 3.0)

ReportNo WSAA 19


November 1990




UnderUrban Water Research Association of Australia Research Project No. SS-43 CampScott Furphy Pty. Ltd. and the Mornington Peninsula & District Water Boardhave adapted the US EPA PRELIM program, to produce a computer based model, relevantto Australian conditions, and capable of estimating the impact of tradewastes on treatment systems.


Thechanges involved in adapting the model for Australian conditions are summarisedas follows:



-                        Replacement of US terminology with Australian terminology


-                        Conversion of the program to run on SI metric units


-                        Expansion and revision of the default pollutants schedule and databases to more closely reflect Australian conditions


-                        Expansion of the model to allow for inhibition in trickling filterplants


-                        Modification of the output routines to allow more efficient use ofcomputer facilities and more convenient operation in theinstallation/calibration and operational phases.


Aspart of the revision, the model was calibrated and tested for three plantsoperated by the Mornington Peninsula & District Water Board. The plantsinvolved were Mornington, Frankston and Lyndhurst, which include the followingtreatment processes: activated sludge, primary sedimentation, tricklingfilters, polishing ponds, lagoons, anaerobic digestion and sludge lagoons.


The Users Guide has beenrevised to include the above features and the modified program codes.



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