Evaluationand Demonstration Facilities for Primary Sensors

ReportNo WSAA 22

April 1991




PrimarySensors are a complex, high technology component of the systems that controlvarious processes in the water industry. There are wide variations in theinitial cost of sensors from different suppliers, and also wide variations inthe performance and maintenance costs during operational use.


Thepurpose of an Evaluation and Demonstration Facility (EDF) for primary sensorswould, if established, be to assess their long term performance and total costof ownership under normal operating conditions.


Theproject comprised a questionnaire survey of seven metropolitan waterauthorities in Australia to obtain information on the types of sensors beingused and their requirements regarding an EDF; a review of overseas experiencewith EDF’s; and discussion at an AWRC Workshop of the various options forestablishing an EDF.


Thepreferred option for establishing an EDF to meet the needs of the waterindustry in Australia is to provide a clearing house for co-ordinating,reporting, and disseminating the assessments of primary sensors being made bythe various testing organisations. It is considered that the formation of a newseparate authority is not warranted at this time but there is, nevertheless, aneed to take positive action to co-ordinate current activity. It is recommendedthat action be taken to implement the preferred option.



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