Effectsof Controls on Water Consumption

ReportNo WSAA 31

October 1991




Amethodology was developed for assessing the effects of controls on waterconsumption based on multiple linear regression analysis. Annual consumptiondata, for the Newcastle region in New South Wales, for the period 1942-88 wasanalysed to determine the effects of water-use restrictions during 1966-67 and1979-82 and the effect of a two-part ‘user-pays’ water tariff which wasintroduced in July 1982. The analysis allowed for the effects of rainfall andother unspecified factors on consumption. The reductions in water consumptiondue to the controls were about 14 percent during 1966-67, 15-20 percent during1979-82 and 20-29 percent during 1982-88.


Ananalysis of monthly water usage in domestic environments was also undertakenfor a sample of domestic properties in Newcastle for the period 1976-1989. Itwas found that during periods of water restrictions there was no appreciablechange in ‘in house’ usage but ‘ex house’ usage dropped substantially in summermonths from about 1000 litres per day per property to about 300 litres per day.On the removal of restrictions early in 1982 ‘ex house’ usage during summerincreased to 800 litres per day but reduced again to about 400 litres per daywhen the ‘user-pays’ tariff was applied.


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