PolymerBased Electrode for the Selective Detection of Dichloramine

ReportNo WSAA 38

December 1991




Chloramineswhich are formed during chlorination of potable water have a dramatic effect onthe water taste and odour, in particular the specific form of dichloramine.


Inour laboratories a method for amperometric detection of low levels ofchloramines using a glassy carbon electrode was reported previously. However,in that work selective detection of dichloramine was not obtained.


Werepresent here the investigation into polypyrrole and polypyrrole-dispersedmercury coated glassy carbon electrodes for the selective detection ofdichloramine. The selectivity could be altered using various counterionsincorporated into the polymer and/or by applying increasingly negativepotentials.


Thiswork indicated that the use of a selective polymer based electrochemical sensorfor dichloramine detection is a feasible approach.


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