ManagementModel for Trade Waste Discharges to Small Treatment Plants

(includingPRELIM VERSION 4.0 Users Guide)

ReportNo WSAA 51


February 1993




‘PRELIM’ is a steady state modeldesigned to protect the particular treatment plant under study and can be runon an IBM compatible PC utilising a DOS operating environment. The program canestimate the maximum allowable loads of various pollutants from industries thatcan be accommodated by a treatment facility, whilst ensuring plant compliancewith the applicable disposal criteria which may limit each pollutant.


Users can select the treatmentprocesses, disposal criteria and inhibition data to suit their particularapplication. The program also incorporates extensive default value data basesfor process removal efficiencies, inhibition data and various industry effluentcharacteristics, although system specific data available through sampling andanalytical programs are recommended for more accurate results. After makingallowance for domestic contributions and safety/future growth factors, themodel can compare estimated available pollutant loads with actual measuredindustrial trade waste discharges.


A major outcome of this projectis the development of the enhanced trade waste management tool, labelled PRELIMVersion 4.0 which includes PRELIM Version 3.0 as a sub-program, together withthe following administrative capabilities:


-         To store and edit referencedetails of industries having trade waste agreements with the authority.


-         To store and edit details ofcharging formulae associated with each trade waste agreement.


-         To make global amendments to thecharging bases associated with all trade waste agreements stored in thepackage.


-         To record analytical resultsfrom sampling programs associated with those industries subject to trade wasteagreements.


-         To monitor industry inspectionscheduling for the authority.


-         To generate various reports onthe stored information.


-         To generate invoices for tradewaste charging from the trade waste data stored in the package.


Additionally, a Users Guide forthe PRELIM Version 4.0 package has been produced.


The PRELIM Version 3.0 model wasalso further calibrated for the extended aeration lagoon treatment and thebiofiltration processes.


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