WaterQuality Effects of Aeration/Destratification at Harding Reservoir, WA

ReportNo WSAA 78

June 1994




HardingReservoir, located in the tropical region of Western Australia, exhibitsnatural stratification characteristics which are typical for water bodies inboth tropical and warm temperate zones. Such stratification in HardingReservoir has been associated with water quality complaints by consumersreceiving supplies from the reservoir. Turbidity problems have also occurredfrom time to time due to various factors. To overcome these problemsalternative groundwater sources are used during periods of high turbidity(and/or insufficient surface supply) together with artificial destratificationby aeration of the reservoir during periods of reservoir use. Since introducingaeration/destratification techniques there have been no major outbreaks oftaste and odour complaints from consumers of water supplied from HardingReservoir.


Astudy was undertaken during the period January 1988 June 1990 of the effectsof artificial aeration/destratification on the quality of water in thereservoir and on the processes that control that quality. More specifically,the study aimed to clarify the biological, chemical and physical water qualityeffects of aeration/destratification and when to apply the technique; toincrease the understanding of processes that determine water bodies; and toreduce the costs of aeration/destratification through improved design techniqueand greater understanding of the processes involved. The findings of the studyare described in the report.


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