GraphicalInteractive Pipe Network Analysis Program

ReportNo WSAA 81

July 1994




Thisproject report describes the development of an easy to use graphically drivencomputer program designed to solve for the pressures and flows in a water pipenetwork. The project involved the writing of a graphical interface for anexisting pipe network analysis program and making some alterations to theexisting program. The graphical interface and pipe network analysis program areboth written in FORTRAN.


The originalaim of the project was to develop a program which was sufficiently intuitiveand interactive that it could be used in the training of basic principles inpipe network hydraulics to water authority field staff. The result is a programwhich not only fulfils these aims but is also a useful engineering tool for thedesign and analysis of small water pipe networks.


Themathematical approach used to solve the pipe network problem, description ofthe graphical interface and a users manual for GIPNAP, the resulting computerprogram, are contained in this report.


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