Cryptosporidium and Giardia

Date Title Summary Price
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2002 Giardia in water supplies FR/R0006 15.00
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1996 Inter-Laboratory Round-Robin Testing of Immuno-Magnetisable Separation (IMS) for the Concentration and Separation of Cryptosporidium Oocysts from Water Samples FR/DW0001 30.00
1994 Removal of Cryptosporidium Oocysts by Water Treatment Processes FR0457 25.00
1994 Factors Influencing the Survival of Cryptosporidium Oocysts in the Environment FR0456 15.00
1993 Survey of Loch Lomond to Assess the Occurrence and Prevalence of Cryptosporidium Spp. Oocysts and their Likely Impact on Human Health FR0409 15.00
1993 The Influence of Cattle Waste and Sewage Effluent on the Levels of Cryptosporidium Oocysts in Surface Waters FR0421 15.00
1992 Alternative Methods for the Recovery of Cryptosporidium from Water FR0274 15.00
1991 Cryptosporidium in Drinking Water - Survey of Occurrence. Final Report September 1991 FR0226 15.00
1991 Cryptosporidium Measurement and Occurrence FR0229 15.00
1991 Recovery of Cryptosporidium from Water FR0189 15.00
1991 Cryptosporidium in Drinking Water - Survey of Occurrence FR0207 15.00