Analysis of Water & Wastes

Date Title Summary Price
2010 Selection and Validation of a Suite of Suitable Screening Techniques for the Rapid Assessment of Hazardous Properties of Wastes UKCC18 25.00
(CDRom 20.00+VAT)
2007 Methodology for the analysis of selected pharmaceuticals and drugs of abuse in sediments and sludge. ER09 25.00
(CDRom 20.00+VAT)
2007 Phytoplankton Classification Tool (Phase 2) WFD80 35.00
(CDRom 20.00+VAT)
2006 Phytoplankton Classification Tool (4 Volumes in set) - No Executive Summary WFD38 60.00
(CD 20.00+VAT)
2000 Assessment of the Potential of new Biotechnology Environmental Monitoring Techniques SR (99)10F 15.00
1999 Acid Neutralising Capacity (ANC) and Alkalinity (ALK): Concepts and Measurement SR 99(06)F 10.00
1998 A Comparison of Sediment Monitoring Techniques for Cage Fish Farms. Final Report SR 97(06)F 35.00
1998 Investigating the Design of Sampling Programmes for Standing Waters: A Scoping Study SR 97(08)F 7.00
1997 Interlaboratory Method Performance Assessment of Measurement of PCDDs and PCDFs in Sewage Sludge FR/D0028 25.00
1995 Bioassay: Use of Cryopreserved Larvae FR/D0019 20.00
1994 Investigation and Evaluation of Mutagenesis Bioassays for Wastewater FR/D0013 25.00
1994 The Development of Immunoassay Kits for the Analysis of Pesticides and Other Organics in Water FR0444 25.00
1994 Multi-Residue Analysis of Imazapyr, Picloram and Triclopyr in Drinking Water FR0475 25.00
1994 Analysis of Acrylamide in Drinking Water FR0486 15.00
1994 Final Report on the Association Between AOC and BDOC and an Evaluation of the Lumac/Kiwa Biofilm Monitor FR0463 15.00
1994 Investigations Into the Development of a Biotic Index to Assess the Pollution Status of Macrobenthic Communities in the Marine Intertidal SR3755 12.50
1993 Multiresidue Analytical Methods for Pesticides in Drinking Water Sources and Supplies FR0371 25.00
1993 Review of Biodegradable Organic Matter Determination Techniques FR0426 15.00
1993 Review of Determinands Suitable for Immunoassay FR0349 15.00
1993 The Analysis and Occurrence of Halogenated Aldehydes in Drinking Water FR0377 15.00
1993 Measurement and Significance of Assimillable Organic Carbon FR0373 15.00
1993 The Determination of Chlorate and Chlorite in Drinking Water FR0390 15.00
1993 Analysis and Occurrence of Trichloroacetonitrile and Trichloroacetaldehyde in Drinking Water FR0414 15.00
1992 Availability of Multiresidue Methods for Analysis of Pesticides in Water Sources and Supplies FR0312 35.00
1992 WRc AOC Determination Procedure FR0302/1 15.00
1992 Potential of Flow Cytometry for Routine Algal Counting and Detection of Cyanobacteria FR0289 25.00
1992 Analysis of MTBE in Water Sources FR0287 15.00
1991 Aluminium Speciation in Drinking Water FR0192 15.00
1991 Surrogate Viral Indicators FR/D0005 15.00
1991 Microbiological Pollution Indicators in Marine Waters FR/D0006 15.00
1991 New Analytical Techniques for Pesticides FR0187 15.00
1991 International Comparisons of the Measurement of Biodegradable Organic Matter in Drinking Water FR0191 25.00
1991 The Determination of Taste and Odour in Drinking Water in Relation to Water Quality Regulations FR0254 35.00
1991 Assessment of the Potential Advantages of Integrating the Gene-Trak Bacterial Assay Kits Into Methods for E Coli and Salmonella Enumeration in Water Samples FR0190 25.00
1990 Evaluation of the Colilert Technique FR0132 15.00
1990 Comparison of Load Estimation from Grab Samples and Continuous Flow Proportional Sampling - Supplementary Report to FR0005 FR0092 15.00
1989 Comparison of Load Estimation from Grab Samples and Continuous Flow Proportional Sampling FR0005 35.00