Drinking Water Treatment

Year Title Summary Price
2011 Desalination for Water Supply - 3rd Edition FR/R0013 15.00
1998 Expression of Cytochrome P450 in Bacteria: Enhancing the Degradation of Xenobiotics FR/INV0004 25.00
1997 Modelling the Interaction of Organic Residues with Activated Carbon FR/INV0003 25.00
1994 Further Studies to Investigate Microcystin-LR and Anatoxin-A Removal from Water FR0458 15.00
1994 Microbiological Implications of Using Granular Activated Carbon in Rapid Gravity Filters FR0431 15.00
1994 Microbiological Efficiency of Water Treatment FR0464 15.00
1994 Biotreatment of Surface Waters to Remove S-Triazine Herbicides FR/K0002 30.00
1994 Treatment and Disposal of Waterworks Sludge in Selected European Countries FR0428 35.00
1992 Microbiological Efficiency of Water Treatment: Microbiological Monitoring of Full Scale Water Treatment Processes FR0282 15.00
1992 Evaluation of the Microbiological Performance of Full Scale Treatment Processes FR0328 15.00
1992 Effectiveness of Water Treatments in Preventing Contamination from a Leaded Brass FR0338 15.00
1992 Biotreatment of Surface Waters to Remove Pesticides FR/K0001 15.00
1991 Microbiological Efficiency of Water Treatment FR0219 25.00
1991 Efficiency of UV Radiation as a Water Disinfectant FR0209 25.00
1991 Removal of Organic Contaminants from Drinking Water FR0252 35.00
1990 A Review of the Requirement for Water Treatment Works Performance Specification FR0089 35.00
1990 Polyacrylamides in Drinking Water Treatment and Recycling of Sludge Liquors FR0119 15.00