Environmental Economics, Sewerage, Surface & Coastal Water Management & Ecology

Year Title Summary Price
2016 Water Reuse FR/R0024 15.00
2011 An Inspector's Guide to Sewerage Law (England and Wales Edition) 3rd Edition FWR-03R 12.50
Tidal Technologies: Key issues across planning and development for environmental regulators ER20 15.00
(CD 20.00+VAT)
Raw materials critical to the Scottish economy ER27 50.00
(CD 20.00+VAT)
Review of the legislative requirements and responsibilities relating to on-site wastewater treatment systems and their impact on water quality - Work Package B WFD96B 35.00
(CD 20.00+VAT)
Review of the legislative requirements and responsibilities relating to on-site wastewater treatment systems and their impact on water quality - Work Package A WFD96A 25.00
(CD 20.00+VAT)
Assessing the Benefits of Flood Warning Phase 3 (October 2008 - June 2009) UKCC10B 25.00
(CD 20.00+VAT)
Environmental Supporting Conditions for Scottish Wetlands - Phase 1 WFD35 50.00
(CD 20.00+VAT)
2009 Differential Impacts of Climate Change in the UK UKCC22 50.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)
2008 Development of a GIS Procedure to Implement a UK Geomorphic Channel Typology WFD49e 15.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)
2008 Urban Networks for People and Biodiversity - Form and Function UEUB01 25.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)
2008 River Invertebrate Classification Tool WFD72C 50.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)
2008 Rapid Validation of WFD83 Standards for Freshwater flows to Estuaries WFD83 Ext 25.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)
2008 Guidance on Environmental Releases from Impoundments to Implement The Water Framework Directive. Project Extension 1 - Practical Methodology for Assessment GES for impoundments  WFD82Ext.1 25.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)
2008 Guidance on Environmental Flow Releases from Impoundments to Implement the Water framework Directive - Project Extension 2 - Validation of Managed Flow Standards WFD82b 25.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)
2008 Assessing the Benefits of Flood Warning: Phase 2 UKCC10A 25.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)
2008 Source Control of Pollution in Sustainable Drainage UEUW01 50.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)
2008 Urban Rainwater Harvesting and Water Reuse  A review of potential benefits and current UK practices FR/G0006 15.00
2007 Development of a Methodology (and Identification of Responsible Parties) for Capturing Information and Data after a Flood Event in Scotland (June 2007) FRM07 35.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)
2006 Guidance on Environmental Flow Releases from Impoundments to Implement The Water Framework Directive WFD82 15.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)
2006 The Evolution of River Basin Management in England & Wales FR/G0003 15.00
2006 Diffuse Pollution Screening Tool - Stage 3 WFD77 25.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)
2006 Development of the Scientific Rationale and Formulae for Altering RIVPACS Predicted Indices for WFD Reference Condition WFD72b 25.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)
2006 Interactions and Co-ordination Issues between River Basin Management Plans and Development Plans in Scotland WFD69 25.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)
2006 Retrofitting Sustainable Urban Water Solutions UE3(05)UW5 35.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)
2006 Investigation of the Eficacy and Cost Benefits of Modern Technology Communications Media for Remote Data Collection and Site Interrogation in Scotland and Northern Ireland UKCC15 75.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)
2006 Assessing the Benefits of Flood Warning: A Scoping Study UKCC10 35.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)
2006 Application of the WFD Exemption Tests to New Hydropower Schemes Likely to Result in Deterioration of Status WFD75 25.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)
2005 Development of Hydro-Morphological Improvement Targets for Surface Water Bodies WFD56 35.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)
2005 Appraisal of Rural BMP's for Controlling Diffuse Pollution and Enhancing Biodiversity WFD13 35.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)

2005 Social Impact of Stormwater Management Techniques Including River Managementand SUDS SUDS01 25.00
(CD-Rom 20.00+VAT)
2005 Valuation of Benefits to England and Wales of a Revised Bathing Water Quality Directive and Other Beach Characteristics Using the Choice Experiment Methodology EFTEC Report NA
2004 Urban Drainage & the Water Environment: a Sustainable Future?
FR/R0011 15.00
2003 Typology for transitional and coastal waters for the UK and Ireland WFD07 50.00
2003 Studies on the solid speciation and remobilisation of plutonium in the northern Irish Sea and southwest coast of Scotland AIR(99)01 15.00
2002 Towards Sustainable Waste Management Practice - Overview SR(02)05A 35.00
1999 Supplementary Investigations into the Failure of some Ayrshire Bathing Waters to Meet EC Standards SR(99)04F 50.00
1998 Urban Pollution Management Manual 2nd Edition (CD-Rom Version)
The Urban Pollution Management Manual has been revised. The 3rd Edition - November 2012 - is available here as an on-line document.
FR/CL0009 75.00+VAT
(Hardcopy 200.00)
1996 Buffer Zones: Their Processes and Potential in Water Protection BUFFER2 45.00
1996 Assessing the Benefits of Surface Water Quality Improvements Manual FR/CL0005 150.00
1996 Impact of Urban Runoff on Wastewater Treatment Plants and Receiving Waters Ninth European "Junior" Scientist Workshop - Latest Developments in Urban Wastewater Management FR/WW001 15.00
1995 Linkage of Flood Frequency Curve with Maximum Flood Estimate FR/D0023 20.00
1994 Urban Pollution Modelling: Improved Co-ordination of Quality Modelling FR0433 15.00
1994 Development of a Procedure for Assessing the Impact of Combined Sewer Overflows FR0465 35.00
1994 Assessing the Costs of River Water Quality Improvements Cost Guidelines FR0449 25.00
1994 Guide to the Design of Combined Sewer Overflow Structures FR0488 25.00
1994 Final Summary Report on Aesthetic Pollution FR0440 15.00
1994 Public Perception of Aesthetic Pollution FR0439 35.00
1994 User Guide for Assessing the Impacts of Combined Sewer Overflows FR0466 15.00
1994 The Development and Use of the Urban Pollution Database FR0441 15.00
1994 Further Developments of the Stochastic Rainfall Generator FR0438 35.00
1994 Review of UPM Modelling Tools FR0442 15.00
1994 Improved Mosqito Application Procedures FR0443 25.00
1994 Survey and Testing of Marine Models FR0459 35.00
1994 Measures to Control Metal Inputs to Sewers From Diffuse Sources FR0483 25.00
1994 Non Critical Sewer Maintenance Feasibility Study FR0413 15.00
1994 Diffuse Sources of Heavy Metals to Sewers FR0470 35.00
1993 A Framework for Marine and Estuarine Model Specification in the UK FR0374 25.00
1993 Urban Runoff Data Collection FR0391 15.00
1993 Marine and Estuarine Modelling: Current Practice in the UK FR0356 15.00
1993 UPM Applications Methodology: Final Report FR0384 35.00
1993 Urban Pollution Management: Review of Products and Implementation FR0405 15.00
1993 Economic Impact of Control Strategies FR0353 15.00
1992 Sewer Flooding Risk - Final Report FR0309 25.00
1992 Catchment Planning for Wastewater Disposal - Final Report FR0243 35.00
1992 Testing of Mike 11 Software FR0242 25.00
1992 Mosqito 2 Testing FR0311 15.00
1992 Testing of the Stochastic Rainfall Generator (SRG) Model: Supplementary Report FR0318 25.00
1992 Supplementary Testing of Mike 11 Software - Version 3.0 FR0341 15.00
1991 A Guide to Sewerage Operational Practices WSA/FWR-01 25.00
1991 Controls on Discharges to Sewers in Selected European Countries FR0238 35.00
1991 Estimation of Flood Damage Following Potential Dam Failure : Guidelines FR/D0003 15.00
1991 The Benefit-Cost of Hydrometric Data - River Flow Gauging FR/D0004 15.00
1991 Stochastic Generation of Rainfall Time Series FR0217 35.00
1991 Evaluation of Interim Water Quality Planning Procedures: The Littleborough Case Study FR0204 35.00
1991 Review of Research into Sediments in Sewers and Ancillary Structures FR0205 35.00
1991 Sewer Quality Archive Data Analysis FR0203 15.00
1991 The River Quality Archive FR0241 15.00
1991 Toxicity Tracing in Sewers - Final Report FR0158 15.00
1990 Effects of Sea Outfalls on the Environment - Supplementary Report on the Pyewipe Outfall FR0095 15.00
1990 Review of Marine Discharge Practices in European Countries - Final Report FR0125 35.00
1990 Storm Sewage Discharges to Coastal Waters in the Netherlands, West Germany, Denmark and France FR0148 25.00
1990 Effects of Sea Outfalls on the Environment - Executive Summary Report FR0093 15.00
1990 Storm Sewer Data FR0130 15.00
1990 Toxicity Tracing in Sewers FR0084 15.00
1990 A Summary Report on the DoE Sewer Renovation Development Trials FR0094 15.00
1990 The Development of a Dynamic River Water Quality Model (SPRAT) Final Report FR0108 35.00
1989 Effects of Sea Outfalls in the Environment - Final Report FR0031 35.00
1989 Requirement Specification for Mosqito 2: Enhancements to the Capabilities of the Mosqito 1 Version of a Sewer Flow Quality Model FR0032 15.00
1989 A Review of Non Man Entry Sewer Cleaning Practices FR0030 15.00