Engineering & Materials Specifications

Year Title Summary Price
1994 Assessment of Compaction Equipment for Reinstatement and Potential Damage to Apparatus FR0432 35.00
1993 Model consultative procedure for pipeline construction involving deep excavation ERS M60 30.00
1993 Materials Selection Manual for Sewers, Pumping Mains and Manholes WSA/FWR-04 35.00
1992 Quality Assurance in Road Reinstatement FR0268 15.00
1992 Guidance Document for Highway Reinstatement Under the New Roads and Street Works Act FR0260 35.00
1992 A Guide to the New Roads and Streetworks Act 1991 FR0291 25.00
1991 Code of Practice on Electrical Earthing WSA/FWR-02 10.00
1990 A Comparison of Test Methods Used for Assessing the End-Load Force Resistance of Mechanical Fittings for use in Water Pipeline Systems FR0117 25.00