WRC South Africa - Industrial Water Management

Year Title Code
Development of a Complete Process Integration Framework for Wastewater Minimisation in Multipurpose Batch plants - T Majozi, JF Gouws. new 1625/1/08
Production of Enzymes for Industrial Wastewater Treatment: Proof of Concept and Application to the Textile Dye Industry - C Mutambanengwe, O Oyekola, C Togo, CG Whitely. new 1541/1/08
Promotion of Biodegradable Chemicals in the Textile Industry - M Binda, P Gounder, CA Buckley, BM Brouckaert. new 1363/1/08
Dual-Stage Ceramic Membrane Bioreactors for the Treatment of High-Strength Industrial Wastewaters - W Edwards, WD leukes, CC Bezuidenhout, KJ Riedel, VM Linkov, PJ Jansen van Rensberg, HWJP Neomagus, J Burgess. new 1371/1/07
2008 The Value of Water as an Economic Resource in the Greater Letaba River Catchment - CJ Williams, GA Veck, MR Bill.  989/1/08
2008 The Removal of Active Dyes from Dye Liquor Industrial Water Management or Using Activated Carbon for the Reuse of Salt, Water and Energy.  1542/1/08
2008 Research on an Investigation into Sulphur Chemistry with Specific Application to Biological Sulphate Removal Processes - RE Loewenthal, B Morgan, O Lahav, G Hearne.  1079/1/08
2008 A Pilot Study into Available Upstream Cleaner Production Technologies for the Petroleum Refining Industry to Meet the Requirements of the Waste Discharge Charge System - HK mazema, SH Ally, W Kamish, AM Petersen.  1673/1/08
2007 Treatment of High-Strength and Toxic Organic Industrial Effluents in the Anaerobic Baffled Reactor - J Bell, P Dama, R Mudunge, CA Buckley 853/1/07
2007 The Microbiology of Fly Ash-Acid Mine Drainage Neutralization Systems - DA Cowan, A Shitandi, C van IJperen, E Kuhn, W Misingarimi, L Petrik 1549/1/07
2007 Biotechnological Approach to the Management of Effluents from the Pulp and Paper Industry - L Christopher 763/1/07
2007 Implementation of a Generic Membrane-Based System for Beneficiation and Treatment of Agro-Industrial Wastewater - CJ Garcin, SG Burton KV186/07
2007 Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Water Use in South Africa: The Rosslyn Industrial Area as a Case Study - AC Brent, L Landu 1552/1/07
2007 Toxic Element Removal from Water Using Zeoloite Adsorbents made from Solid Waste residues - L Petrik, N Hendricks, A Elendt, C Burgers 1546/1/07
2007 Development of a Combined Activated Carbon/Microfiltrtaion Process for the Treatment of Industrial Effluents - VL Pillay, EP Jacobs 1374/1/07
2006 Guidance for the Classification, Rating and Disposal of Common Hazardous Waste Streams - J Brice, J Sevitz, J Cornelius 1548/1/06
2006 The Establishment of a Methodology for Initiating and Managing Waste Minimisation Clubs - S Barclay 1171/1/06
2006 The Assessment and Classification of Inorganic Manganese Containing Wastes - S Banister, B Zhao, SE Coetser, W Pulles 1344/1/06
2006 Applicability of Waste Minimisation Clubs in South Africa: results from Pilot Studies - S Barclay, C Buckley TT161/05
2006 Evaluation of Locally Manufactured Membranes for Oil/Water Separation of Industrial Effluent - A Telukdarie 1373/1/06
2006 Treatment of Apple and Wine Processing Wastewaters using Combined UASB Technology and Ozonation Scenarios -GO Sigge, TJ Britz, T McLachlan, N van Schalkwyk 1364/1/06
2006 A Customised Bioreactor for Beneficiation and Bioremediation of Effluents Containing High Value Organic Chemicals - SG Burton, DA Cowan, C Garcin, A van Schalkwyk, C Werner 1361/1/06
2005 The Application of Pinch Analysis for Water and Effluent Management - CJ Brouckaert, P Gianadda, JPZ Schneider, GM Naylor, CA Buckley 1158/1/05
2005 Approaches to Abbatoir Effluent Treatment - JR Müller KV166/05
2005 Bio-Polymeric Heavy Metal Adsorbing Materials for Industrial Wastewater Treatment - HWJP Neomagus 1072/1/05
2005 Utilization of Fly Ash for Acid Mine Drainage Remediation - L Petrik, R White, M Klink, V Somerset, D KEY, E Iwuoha, C Burgers, MV Fey 1242/1/05
2005 Preliminary Design Guidelines for the Development of a Granulating Bioreactor - ER Els, L Lorenzen, PJ van Zyl, TJ Britz 1239/1/05
2005 Removal of Organic Foulants from Membranes by Use of Ultrasound - C Aldrich, BC Qi 1229/1/05
2005 Utilisation of Earthworms and Associated Systems for Treatment of Effluent from Red Meat Abattoirs - AE De Jesus, PH Heinze, JR Müller, GL Nortje 766/1/05
2005 Removal of Organic Components and Bacteria from Water by Electrochemical Combustion - M Cronje, PGL Baker, JH Knoetze, RD Sanderson, AM Crouch 1196/1/04
2005 Water and Wastewater Management in the Power Generating Industry - HD van Zyl, K Premlall TT240/05
2005 Biosorption of Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solutions - F Petersen, C Aldrich, A Esau, BC Qi 1259/1/05
2005 Water and Wastewater Management in the Oil Refining and Re-Refining Industry - K Pearce, D Whyte TT180/05
2005 Hydrolysis of Primary Sewage Sludge under Methanogenic, Acidogenic and Sulfate-Reducing Conditions - NE Ristow, SW Sötemann, RE Loewenthal, MC Wentzel, GA Ekama 1216/1/05
2005 The Solid Stabilization of Soluble Wastes Generated in the South African Ferrochrome Industry - CF Maine, JP Smit, EW Giesekke 942/1/05
2004 The Development of a Protein Recovery Technology at Sezela for the Treatment of Furfural Plant Azeotrope Effluent with the Simultaneous Production of Mycoprotein - CW Klusener 1081/1/04
2004 Bioreactor Systems Using the White Rot Fungus Trametes for Bioremediation of Industrial Wastewater - SG Burton, DR Ryan, L van Wyk 1129/1/04
2004 Anaerobic Digestion of High Strength or Toxic Organic Effluents in Available Digester Capacity - J Sacks, CA Buckley 762/1/04
2004 Development of Biological treatment Technology for the Remediation of Edible Oil-Effluent - S Surujlal, G Tivchev, HC Kasan, F Bux 1084/1/04
2004 Membrane Reactor for the Electrocatalytic Minimization of Organic Matter in Water and Effluents - A Maluleke, VM Linkov 1231/1/04
2004 Caustic Management and Reuse in the Beverage Bottling Industry - VL Pillay 1033/1/04
2004 Evaluation of Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration and nanofiltration for Salt and Chromium Recovery from Spent Pickling and Tanning Effluent - JJ Schoeman 1370/1/04
2004 The Regional Treatment of Textile and Industrial Effluents - SJ Barclay, CA Buckley 456/1/04
2003 Bioreactor Systems for the Conversion of Organic Compounds in Industrial Effluents to Useful Products - SG Buron, A Boshoff, I Foster, K Koteshwar, A Luke, C Mhlanga, P Nganwa, T Notshe, D Ryan 939/1/03
2003 Purification of Waste Water with Crown Ethers Anchored on a Solid Support - JC Swarts 1173/1/03
2003 The Application of Pinch Analysis for the Rational Management of Water and Effluent in an Industrial Complex - CJ Brouckaert, CA Buckley 851/1/03
2003 Survey of Pesticide Wastes in South Africa and Review of Treatment Options - V Naidoo, CA Buckley 1128/1/03
2003 Development of Integrated Biosorption Systems for the Removal and/or Recovery of Heavy Metals from Mining and Other Industrial Wastewaters, and Determination of Toxicity of Metals to Bioremediation Processes - RP van Hille, APM Antunes, D Sanyahumbi, L Nightingale, JR Duncan 1243/1/03
2003 Further Developments of a Biotechnological Approach to the Management of Waste Waters from the Pulp and Paper Industry - LP Christov 1082/1/03
2002 The Review of Industrial Effluent Tariff Structures in South Africa and Guidelines on the Formulation of an Equitable Effluent Tariff Structure - D Kerdachi 854/1/02
2002 Assessment and Application of Imported Biomass for the Bioremediation of Heavy Metal Effluents - FM Swalaha, S datadin, BB Choonawala 1083/1/02
2002 Waste Minimisation Guide for the Textile Industry: A Step Towards Cleaner Production - Volume 1 - S Barclay, C Buckley TT139/00
2002 Waste Minimisation Guide for the Textile Industry - A Step Towards Cleaner Production: Volume 2 - S Barclay, C Buckley TT140/00
1999 Enhanced Granulation in Upflow Anaerobic Sludge-Bed Digesters (UASB) by Process Induction and Microbial Simulation - TJ Britz, W Trnovec, C van Schalkwyk, P Roos 667/1/99
1999 Evaluation of Different Methods to Produce Free Radicals for the Oxidation of Organic Molecules in Industrial Effluents and Potable Water with Reference to Cav-Ox® - S Winship 388/1/99
1998 The Transfer of Waste-Water Management Technology to the Meat Processing Industry - JAC Cowan 239/1/98
1998 Development of procedures to assess whole effluent toxicity. Slabbert JL Oosthuizen J Venter EA Hill E Du Preez M Pretorius PJ. 453/1/98
1998 The development of management strategies and recovery systems for heavy metal wastes. Cowan JAC. 589/1/98
1998 The extraction of ionic and chemical species from water by membrane extraction. 761/1/98