WRC South Africa - Hydroclimatology

Year Title Code
Model Output Statistics Applied to Multi-Model Ensemble Long-Range Forecasts over South Africa - WA Landman, F Engelbrecht, A Beraki, C Engelbrecht, M Mbedzi, T Gill, L Natsangwane. new 1492/1/08
A First Order National Audit of Sewerage Reticulation Issues - BW de Swardt, B Barta. new 1671/1/08
2008 South African Atlas of Climatology and Agrohydrology - RE Schulze, M Maharaj, ML Warburton, CJ Gers, MJC Horan, RP Kunz, DJ Clark  1489/1/08
2008 Towards Improved Estimates in Water Resources Assessments: The Use of Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imagery to Classify and Map Vegetation in Southern Africa - M Govender, V Naiken, K Chetty, H Bulcock 1684/1/08
2008 Towards Defining the WRC Research Portfolio on Climate Change for 2008 - GC Green KV207/08
2008 Hydroclimatic Variation Over Southern Africa Intra-Annual and Inter-Annual Time Scales with Special Reference to the Role of the Oceans - M Rouault, CJR Reason, N Vigaud, A Mavume, N Fauchereau  1476/1/08
2007 National Flood Nowcasting System: Towards an Integrated Mitigation Strategy - G Pegram, S Sinclair, M Parak, D Sakulski, N Nxumalo 1429/1/06
2006 Research, Development and Verification of an Operational and Interactive System to Forecast Heavy Rainfall (PROGRAIN) - LL Dyson, J van Heerden 1333/1/06
2005 Daily Rainfall Mapping over South Africa: Modelling - G Pegram, S Sinclair, S Wessex 1425/1/06
2005 Regional Model Development for Simulating Atmospheric Behaviour and rainfall over Southern Africa - CJ de W Rautenbach, FA Engelbrecht, T Ndarana, CJ Engelbrecht, JL McGregor 1261/1/05
2004 Longterm, High Resolution Records of Climate Variability from Cave Speleothems in Cold Air cave, Makapans Valley, Limpopo Province - JA Lee-Thorp 1013/1/04
2002 Seasonal Climate Predictions with a Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Model - CJ de W Rautenbach 904/1/03
.. Role of the Oceans in South Africa's Rainfall - M Rouault, CJ Reason, JRE Lutjeharms, H Mulenga, Y Richard, N Faucherau, S Trzaksa 953/1/03
.. Modelling Variability in the South West Indian Ocean and Its Influence on South Afric's Climate - CJC Reason, JC Hermes, AT Singleton, JRE Lutjeharms 868/1/03
2003 Implementation of an Operational Prototype Fog water Collection System: Project Implementation - J Olivier, J van Heerden 902/1/02
2002 Development of Statistical Forecast Models of Summer Climate and Hydrological Resources over Southern Africa - MR Jury 903/1/02
2001 VIPOS: Vaal Dam Catchment Integrated Precipitaion Observing Systems - DE Terblanche, PJM Visser, MP Mittermaier, NJ Kroese 954/1/01
1999 Weather Radar Measurement of Rainfall for Hydrological and Other Purposes - J van Heerden, PCL Steyn 693/1/99
1999 High Resolution Space-Time Modelling of Rainfall: The "String of Beads" Model - G Pegram, A Clothier 752/1/99
1999 Deriving Regional Precipitation Scenarios from General Circulation Models - BC Hewitson 751/1/99
1999 Air-Sea Interaction over the Agulhas Current and Implication for South African Weather - M Rouault, JRE Lutjeharms, AM Lee-Thorp, MR Jury, M Majodina 374/1/99
1999 Modelling Extreme Rainfall over Southern Africa - AM Joubert, SJCrimp, SJ Mason 805/1/99