WRC South Africa - Hydraulics

Year Title Code
2007 Hydraulic Modelling for Ecological Studies for South African Rivers - PM Hirschowitz, AL Birkhead, CS James new 1508/1/07
2007 Joint Peak-Volume (JPV) Design Flood Hydrographs for South Africa - A Gȍrgens new 1420/3/07
2007 Modernised South African Design Flood Practice in the Context of Dam Safety - A Gȍrgens, S Lyons, L Hayes, M Makhabane, D Maluleke new 1420/2/07
2007 Review of the Selection of Acceptable Flood Capacity for Dams in South Africa in the Context of Dam Safety - J Cullis, A Gȍrgens, S Lyons new 1420/1/07
2007 Local Scour in Rivers: The Extent of the problem in South Africa: The State of the Art of Numerical Modelling - N Armitage, M Cunninghame, A Kabir, B Abban new KV185/07
2007 Statistical Based Regional Flood Frequency Estimation Study for South Africa Using Systematic, Historical and Palaeoflood Data - D van Bladeren, PK Zawada, D Mahlangu 1260/1/07
2006 Sediment Control at River Abstraction Works in South Africa - Volume 1 (2006) - CJ Brink, GR Basson, F Denys TT259/06
2006 Consideration for Design of River Abstraction Work in South Africa - Volume 2 (2006) - GR Basson TT260/06
2003 The Hydraulics of the Impacts of Dam Development on the River Morphology - JS Beck, GR Basson 1102/1/03
2003 A Unit Stream Power Model for the Prediction of Local Scour in Rivers - N Armitage, C McGahey 1098/1/03
2002 Development of a Hydrological Economic Agricultural Model Based on Case studies in the Upper Mvoti Catchment - G Creemers, AJ Pott 890/1/02
2001 The Extraction of Water from Sediment-Laden Streams in Southern Africa - A Rooseboom 691/2/01