WRC South Africa - Groundwater

Year Title Code
A Multi-Tracer Study of the Origins, Systematics and Hydrological Linkages of High Nitrate Concentrations in Ground Water in Bochum District, Limpopo Province - B Th Verhagen, MJ Butler, E van Wyk, S Mutheiwana. new 1328/1/09
Ecological and Environmental Impacts of Large-Scale Groundwater Development in the Table Mountain Group (TMG) Aquifer System - C Colvin, K Riemann, C Brown, D Le Maitre, A Mlisa, D Blake, T Aston, A Maherry, J Engelbrecht, C Pemberton, R magoba, L Soltan, E Prinsloo.new 1327/1/08
Handbook for DNAPL Contaminated Sites in South Africa - JA Pretorius, BH Usher, RA Gebrekristos. new TT326/07
Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids in South Africa: A Layman's Guide - BH Usher, JA Pretorius, RA Grekristos. new TT325/07
2008 Research into UD/VIDP (Urine Diversion Ventilated Improved Double Pit) Toilets: Physical and Health-related Characteristics of UD/VIP Vault Contents - CA Buckley, KM Foxon, N Rodda, CJ Brouckaert, S Mantovanelli, M Mnguni  1629/1/08
2008 Protocol for the Assessment of the Status of Sustainable Utilization and Management of Groundwater resources with Special reference to Southern Africa - E Braune, B Hollingworth, Y Xu, M Nel, G Mahed, H Solomon  TT318/08
2008 Regional Description of the Groundwater Chemistry of the Kruger national Park - RC Leyland, KT Witthüser  KV211/08
2008 High-Yielding Groundwater Areas Around the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality - R Murray, M Goedhart, J Baron TT327/08
2008 Application Procedure for the Development and Use of Groundwater - R Pardons, L Eichstadt, J Crowther, J Blood 1510/1/08
2007 National Microbial Monitoring Programme for Groundwater: Implementation Manual - K Murray, M du Preeze, R Meyer TT312/07
2007 Geothermal Studies of the Table Mountain Group Aquifer Systems - CJH Hartnady, MQW Jones 1403/1/07
2007 Groundwater Recharge Estimation of Table Mountain Group Aquifer Systems with Case Studies - Y Xu, Y Wu, A Duah 1329/1/07
2007 Groundwater Resource Directed Measures Manual - R Parsons, J Wentzel TT299/07
2007 Groundwater Sampling (Second Edition) - JMC Weaver, L Cavé, A Siep Talma TT303/07
2007 Use of Natural Isotopes and Groundwater Quality for Improved Estimation of Recharge and Flow in Dolomitic Aquifers - DB Bredenkamp, JC Vogel,FE Wiegmans, Y Xuu, H Janse van Rensburg  KV177/07
2006 Hydrogeology of Groundwater Region 26 Bushmanland  - JR Vegter TT285/06
2006 Groundwater Research Needs in the Eastern Karoo Basin of South Africa - R Murrey, J Cobbing, A Wodford, P Ravenscroft, L Chevallier TT286/06
2006 Geomechanical Modeling as a Tool for Groundwater Exploration of Fractured Rock Aquifers in the Namaqualand Region, South Africa - AEW friese, HG Swartz, R Titus, A Fielies, S Davids, R Domoney 1117/1/06
2006 Climate Variability, Climate Change and Water Resource Strategies for Small Municipalities - P Mukheibir, D Sparks 1500/1/06
2005 Situational Analysis for the Preparation of Institutional Arrangements for Groundwater Management in the NWDWA - A Stephens, L Newton, CA Mischker, DB Bredenkamp, KO Reid 1324/1/05
2004 Groundwater Recharge Assessment of the Basement Aquifers of Central Namaqualand - S Adams, R Titus, Y Xu 1093/1/04
2004 Quantification of the Impact of Irrigation on the Groundwater Resource in the Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme - RG Ellington, BH Usher, GJ van Tonder 1322/1/04
2004 A Functional Approach to Setting Resource Quality Objectives for Groundwater - C Colvin, L Cavé 1234/1/04
2004 Nitrate and Associated Hazard Quantification and Strategies for Protecting Rural Water Supplies - G Tredoux 1058/1/04
2003 Prediction of the Formation of Density Currents for the Management of Reservoir Sedimentation 911/1/03
2003 The Reliability of Small Spring Water Supply Systems for Community Water Supply Projects - I Pearson, J Weaver, P Ravenscroft 859/1/03
2003 Surface Water: Groundwater Interaction in a South African Context - A Geohydrological Perspective - R Parsons TT218/03
2003 Predicted Spatial Distribution of Naturally Occurring Arsenic, Selenium and Uranium in Groundwater in South Africa - K Sami, AL Druzynski 1236/1/03
2003 A Feasibility Study on the Use of Chemical Geothermometers for Tracing Deep Groundwater Flow - L Cave, S Clarke 1331/1/03
2003 Evaluation of the Application of Natural Isotopes in the Identification of the Dominant Sttreamflow Generation Mechanisms in TMG Catchments - IC Saayman, DF Scott, FW Prinsloo, G Moses, JMC Weaver, S Talma 1234/1/03
2002 Hydrogeology of the Main Karoo Basin: Current Knowledge and Future Research Needs - AC Woodford, L Chevallier TT179/02
2002 Development of a Continuous Flow Airlift Groundwater Pump for Rural Applications - PJ van Rensberg, A Brink 976/1/02
2002 Institutional Arrangements for Groundwater Management in Dolomite Terrains: Situation Analysis - A Stephens, DB Bredenkamp KV140/02
2002 A Synthesis of the Hydrogeology of the Table Mountain Group - Formation of a Research Strategy - K Pietersen, R Parsons TT158/01
2002 Regional Characterization and Mapping of Karoo Fractured Aquifer Systems - An Integrated Approach Using Geographical Information System and Digital Image - AC Woodford, L Chevallier 653/1/02
2002 Status Report on the Magnetic Resonance Sounding Technique for Groundwater Exploration with Examples from South African Fractured Rock Aquifers - R Meyer 935/1/02
2002 Towards a Management Tool for Groundwater Exploitation in the Table Mountain Sandstone Fractured Aquifer - JC Kotze 729/1/02
2001 The Influences of Dolerite Sill and Ring Complexes on the Occurrence of Groundwater in Karoo Fractured Aquifers: A Morpho-Tectonic Approach - L Chevallier, M Goedhart, AC Woodford 937/1/01
2001 Distribution of Fluoride-Rich Groundwater in the Eastern and Mogwase Regions of the Northern and North-West Provinces - LP McCaffrey, JP willis 526/1/01
2000 The Relationship Between the Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Properties of Residual Soils and Rocks in the Vadose Zone - A van Schalkwyk, JJG Vermaak 701/1/00
2000 Groundwater Monitoring: A Critical Evaluation of Groundwater Monitoring in Water Resources Evaluation and Management - D B Bredenkamp 838/1/00
1999 Handbook of Groundwater Quality Protection for Farmers - C Colvin TT116/99
1999 Field Studies of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC'S) as a Groundwater Dating Tool in Fractured Rock Aquifers - JMC Weaver, AS Talma 731/1/99
1999 Investigation of the Contaminant Attenuation Characteristics of the Soil Aquifer System with Special Emphasis on the Vadose Zone - OTN Sililo, J Conrad, KOH Murphy, G Tredoux, B Eigenhuis, MCD Ferguson, JH Moolman 572/1/99
1999 A GIS-Based Experimental Methodology to Determine the Utilisable Potential of South African Aquifers 840/1/99
1999 Assessment of the Impact of Agricultural Practices on the Quality of Groundwater Resources in South Africa - JE Conrad, C Colvin, O Sililo, A Görgens, J Weaver, C Reinhardt 641/1/99
1999 Geochemistry and Isotopes for Resource Evaluation in the Fractured Rock Aquifers of the Table Mountain Group - JMC Seaver, AS Tyalama, LC Cave 481/1/99
1999 The development of risk analysis and groundwater management techniques for Southern African aquifers 378/1/99
1998 The Application of Radiowave Tomography for the Characterization of Fractured Rock Aquifers - R Meyer, E Wedepohl, G Mitchel, B Pitts 516/1/98
1998 Explanatory notes for the aquifer classification map of South Africa KV116/98
1998 The association of groundwater chemistry and geology with a typical lymphocytes (as a biological indicator) in the Pofadder Area, North Western Cape, South Africa. Toens P D, Stadler W, Wullschleger NJ. 839/1/98